Welcome to D2pass!

D2Pass is "common authentication Account/ID network service," which means that one account/ID can log in, purchase, and use at D2Pass alliance member sites. When you apply for the first time at the D2Pass alliance member site or D2Pass.com, an account called "D2Pass ID" will be automatically issued. Since the valid e-mail address registered at the time of application is the D2Pass ID as it is, there is no complicated procedure at all. The same D2Pass ID can be used when purchasing or logging in multiple affiliated member sites.

You can also log into the comprehensive portal site D2Pass.com with the registered D2Pass ID.

At D2Pass.com, you can manage your payment including membership / cancellation procedures of D2Pass alliance member sites you subscribed for, manage your account information such as password change, and collect campaign information on D2Pass alliance member sites..etc.

We collectively provide services for various members.

Please visit here to learn more.

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