What is D2Pass?

D2Pass is "common authentication Account/ID network service," which means that one account/ID can log in, purchase, and use at D2Pass Partner site. When you apply for the first time at the D2Pass Partner site or D2Pass.com, an account called "D2Pass ID" will be automatically issued. Since the valid e-mail address registered at the time of application is the D2Pass ID as it is, there is no complicated procedure at all. The same D2Pass ID can be used when purchasing or logging in multiple affiliated member sites.

Please visit here for more details.

Payment Method

Credit Card

Accepted Card Types:

  • Purchasing Process: Please complete all indicated boxes with the correct information.
  • Process Fee: FREE
  • Account Activation Time: Immediately after purchase. (Please contact customer service if you are not able to login after 15 minutes from purchase.)
  • Accepted Sites: All of our D2Pass sites are Credit Card accepted.

Auto-Recurring System

Your membership will automatically continue and we will charge the credit card you used upon purchase.
Users who purchased a 30day membership will be automatically charged on the 31st day for the next month.

Registration Process

Changing Your Email and Password.

To change your email address(D2Pass ID) or password, log in and go to "Account" > "My Profile".

Account Information

Verify Your Password

You can check your password by clicking here. For further assistance, please contact Customer Service.

Purchase History

To view you download history click here.

To view you pay per view history click here.

Cancel Memberships and Terminate D2pass Account

  • To cancel a membership to a partner site, go to "My Subscriptions" and click on the "Cancel Membership" button. Otherwise, simply fill out the cancel form found in each of our D2Pass sites.
    • Please be advised, some D2Pass sites will terminate your membership immediately after cancellation process.
    • Your D2pass account will not expire.
  • You will not be charged for your D2Pass account.
  • To terminate your D2pass account, please follow the steps here.
    (Please be advised, your D2pass account will be terminated immediately after the cancellation process.)



Issue: I can't Login.

To login to D2Pass, you need a D2Pass account(D2Pass ID) and password.
Please check for possible mistakes listed below:

  • I am typing my name with my D2pass ID.
  • Caps Lock is turned on/off.

If you still cannot log in, please contact customer service.

Issue: I forgot my password.

You can check your password by clicking here
For further assistance, please contact Customer Service.


Issue: I don't see the purchase form.

Please delete your browser cache and try again.

Issue: I can't purchase.

Make sure you entered the correct information in the purchase form. Is your credit card active and usable?

Issue: I don't see the confirmation email.

Check your spam and trash folder. If you completed a purchase and you don't see a confirmation email, please contact customer service.

Issue: I see an error message.

Make sure you entered the correct credit card information. For credit card related issues, please contact your bank first.
Otherwise, please contact customer service.

Issue: I see an unauthorized charge on my credit card.

Please contact customer service.

Issue: I canceled my membership but I'm still getting charged.

Some banks take up to a month to process and update their statements. Please check with your bank for specific information. Otherwise, please contact customer service.

Troubles with D2Pass sites.

Issue: I purchased chat points but it won't show.

Please check if you've already recieved the confirmation email.

Please contact customer service.

Issue: I can't download the movie.

Please contact the site directly from their contact form.

Issue: If you are still having problems with any of D2Pass's affiliated sites.

Please contact the site directly from their contact form.

Security and Terms

About Our Security


In order for customers to be able to make transaction safely, we have implemented leading encryption technology.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)

To prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the correct use of information, we have put in place appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect online. All private information sent via an electronic network is encoded with the worldwide SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) technology standard.

Password / E-mail Address

Customers must log in to the members area in order to make purchases, confirm account balances, or update information. The user password is a combination of 8-14 characters that is designated by the user, ensuring secure and validated transactions.

Site Rules & User Agreement

Click here to view site rules and user agreement.

Security guarantee

D2Pass's responsibility for any wrongful use of your credit card, irrespective of whether you have any legal obligation, should be limited solely to the case where customers made the purchase using SSL.

If your credit card was used wrongfully, you are responsible to report to your credit card company and follow the procedures provided by your credit card company.

For additional information please review our Privacy Policy.