Pregnant Whore I Already Knocked Up Comes Back for More Sperm


As most of you veteran mongers know, days and weeks can go by in a blur when you’re mongering in Asia. Night after night you’re dumping your seed into different wet holes and they all start to blend together. You’ll see a girl on the street or at the mall and think to yourself, “Did I fuck that whore? I really can’t remember.” *****Fortunately (or unfortunately - depending on your situation) these sluts have much better memories. For instance, one day I was sipping my afternoon coffee at a roadside coffee shop when I locked eyes with a cute little pinay who was obviously pregnant. She smiled at me but I didn’t smile back. She was already knocked up and I couldn’t impregnate her, so what was the point? But she kept smiling at me and eventually walked over.*****“Hello Sir. Do you remember me?”*****“Ummmm….no. Sorry.”*****“It’s me, Irene! You boom-boom me a few months ago. And now I’m pregnant with your baby!” She beamed at me when she said this, not in a threatening way as some western women would do, but in sincere gratitude. “I’m five months pregnant now and so happy!”*****I couldn’t help but laugh because I barely remembered the little whore. But as the memories slowly started filtering back in, I started to piece together a night that seemed like ages ago. Yes, I remember her now, but wow! When I fucked her she was so tiny and skinny, but now she had filled out like a real woman - big juicy udders and a belly like a beach ball.*****“Yes I remember you now. How are you honey? You want some money or something?” I asked, assuming the worst..*****“No Sir!” she said, acting almost offended. “I just wanted to thank you...and ask if you would boom-boom me one more time.”*****Hahaha, I love southeast Asia. I told her sure, I’ll give her a nice farewell fuck and send her pregnant ass out with a bang. And that’s exactly what I did! When I finally dumped my semen all over her pretty face, I told her to scram. I don’t have time to waste on girls I’ve already fertilized. On to something fresh and new!

配信日 2020年08月01日
出演 Irene
収録時間 14:22
提供サイト Hey動画
種類 単品動画
再生回数 802




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